Mission Experience

we aim to partner with your group in an missonal experience with participation in our community rhythm in several different ways, including some of the following opportunities:

Programming may include:

-   Dramas to tell the story of God’s love in a new way
-   “Bible Fight Club” - A no-holds-barred Bible Study where honesty and vulnerability are encouraged - and proper “orthodoxy” and “doctrine” are not required.
-   Living Simply Studies - hear from some of our experienced leaders about how to shave off the excess and really invest in what is truly important in our lives.
- Seminars on Poverty, Homelessness, and Gentrification - we will dive deeply into these issues, exploring their roots, reasons, and complexities.
- “Circle Pie” Discussions - we tackle controversial ideas with humility and honesty.
- Spiritual Disciplines - They don’t have to be scary! We will teach about the different ways we can continue on our spiritual journey.
-Each group will be joined with and guided by a leader who will take you to each work site, guide you through the city and provide meals and other necessities.
- These leaders will also participate in our programming activities.
- We provide many opportunities for service and hands-on learning, including:
- Projects at Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community’s building
-   Meals at “The Table” - a twice-weekly opportunity to serve and eat with those in need.
-   Service Partnerships - immersion into the work that is being done all over Pittsburgh, including:
-   Urban Farms
-   Food Pantries
- Emergent Churches
- Soup Kitchens
- Homeless Shelters